“Longitude, Latitude, Loneliness”, an exhibition in Australia viewed from the sky

Because it is currently impossible Travel to Australia, Australia is just coming to us. One year, from June 2021 to June 2022, the island-continent will host several events across France with this event Australia now, Helps us to find out which is better. In these cases, for example a Dedicated exhibition of the Great Barrier Reef at the Paris Fisheries, Or a photo exhibition in Australia viewed from the sky.

Received baptism “Longitude / Latitude / Loneliness”, The exhibition presents the work of Australian photographer Andrew Vucosa at the Australian Embassy in Paris until September 30. In search of solitude, this avid aerial photographer fitted the fuselage of his single-engine Cessna 182 with a digital camera. He fled in 2016 for the same company with his dog Frankie.

“I have many motivations: love, passion, adventure and freedom. But as you think about it, the main motivation behind this project is the desire to raise awareness of the weakness of our beautiful country and the need to move towards a sustainable path. This treasure will last for generations to come. Life in the sense of “, Thus informed the photographer.

The result is. Thanks to his flight, Andrew Wukoshov was able to take spectacular pictures of Australian landscapes, sometimes resembling abstract paintings. The exhibition offers a wide variety of landscapes: Lakhs, Deserts, plants and the sea, not to mention traces left by animals.

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