Enepel: Pittsburgh Steelers for the day star guard David tikastrovai closed

Enepel: Pittsburgh Steelers for the day star guard David tikastrovai closed

Pittsburgh – In a surprise move on Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steelers released all-star guard David DiCastro, who has been selected for the Pro Bowl six times.

DiCastro, 31, attended a mandatory mini-camp last week, but did not participate in full team training.

First round selection in 2012, DiCastro spent nine years with the Steelers. He was named All-Star in the NFL after the 2015 and 2017 seasons, when he played in the most dominant offensive line in the NFL.

DiCastro will enter the final year of a five-year, $ 50 million deal signed in 2017.

This result enhances the Steelers room for maneuvering in the face of the pay cap to find an heir.

However, DiCastro’s quality of play on the field and his presence in the locker room may not have surpassed the young attack.

“There is no doubt that David was one of the best offensive linemen in the years he was with us,” General Manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement.

“He helped us win a lot of football matches, but what’s more important than anything about David is his consistency, reliability and professionalism.”

DiCastro’s abrupt departure means the Steelers will offer a completely renewed offensive line when next season starts.

Senior center Marquis Bouncy has announced his retirement in January, with left-back Alejandro Villanueva joining the Baltimore Ravens, while left-back Guard Matt Felier now plays for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Of the attacking line-up players who started the 2020 season opener, only Zack Banner is making a comeback this season. However, Banner is recovering from major knee surgery due to injury in the opening game against the New York Giants.

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