Coding – Technology-Science – The sea is hot enough to cook mussels

Coding - Technology-Science - The sea is hot enough to cook mussels

The heat wave may have boiled bombs off the coast of British Columbia: More than a billion marine animals have been killed in an unprecedented heat wave off the Pacific coast of Canada in the past week, according to the MDI.

The so-called five-day hotspot covering western Canada and northwestern America raised temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius along the coast, breaking long-term records, the Guardian’s online publication writes.

Uninterrupted heat kills an estimated 500 people and hundreds in British Columbia In a wild fire They still played a role that could not be turned off.

However, scientists say the heat has had a devastating effect on marine life. Christopher Harley, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia, estimates that more than a billion marine animals may have died from abnormal heat.

Experts say the province needs to adapt to climate change as a result of the future For sudden and prolonged heat waves. Next week, another heat wave will hit the western United States and southwestern Canada. Experts warn of the dangers of ecosystems that are not suitable for very high temperatures.

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