Wrote more than 40 columns

Wrote more than 40 columns

According to piracy hunter Stephen Weber, German Green presidential candidate Angelina J பெயrbach even rejects her book when it comes to her own travel notes.

German Green presidential nominee Angelina Jர்பrbach “now. How do we renew our country” (Ulstein): Austrian media scientist and pirate Stephen Weber has published new notes in the book, which should be written. Meanwhile, there are 43 places in the book of plagiarism passages where the degree of similarity with the original is very different. According to the “Built” report, he is said to have copied passages about his own travels.

The German think tank did not recognize any plagiarism in the Barbach book

The think tank Agora Energivende had no problem accepting the formulas of one of their studies in a book written by German Green presidential candidate Annalina Pierbach. “In this sense, Ms. Barbaugh’s factual acceptance of this opinion from our study is not just plagiarism,” explained director Patrick Griezen. On the contrary, the think tank is pleased to be supported by three candidates for the presidency who are at risk of climate change.

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