“The Devil’s Chapel”, for followers only

"The Devil's Chapel", for followers only

Jerry Fenn is a journalist who specializes in spreading extraordinary news about the fall. Several years ago, he became involved in bribery and has been working to place orders ever since. Sent to the countryside to investigate the story of the decay of the animal, he looks like a miracle: a dumb young woman suddenly begins to speak and heal the sick around her. But the evil one is no stranger to these occult events …

In recent years we have not lost sight of Sam Rimi, the director of “Evil Dead” and the first three “Spiderman”. This is because of the low-budget horror films by Man Through his own studio Ghost House, some surprising (“Don’t Breathe”, in 2016), others less so (“The Grudge”, in 2020). So this “Devil’s Chapel” oversaw production, a little between the two, and moderately convinced the American people when it was released across the Atlantic last April. Young Greek, the first film after a long theatrical experience.

However, he knows how to direct his cast, and the plot is not uninteresting, as the sites of the appearance of the Virgin Mary even allow for some surprising reactions, such as these documentary films depicting ducks laying golden eggs. Lourdes or Fatima …

Horror Scenes… Recommended!

The character of the dishonest journalist who finds the path to recovery is rightly manipulated by his participation in some successful series such as “Grace Anatomy” and “Supernatural”, a famous television actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “Or” The Walking Dead. “But” The Devil’s Chapel “suffers from a somewhat slower history.

After all, the heights for a horror film are more recommended here than the really horrible scenes shown, despite being a monster. We look very anxiously at the fact that we only see it once and, from a distance, the famous church of the title! In the United States, it has to be said that this film is called “The Unholy”, “Atheist”. Obviously, this is low sales …

Author Rating: 3/5

“The Devil’s Chapel”, Geoffrey Dean Morgan, Cricket Brown, American fiction film by Ivan Spiliotopoulos with William Chatler

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