Sydney’s jail term was extended by a week

Sydney's jail term was extended by a week

Will you take a little more imprisonment? Effective from the end of June Sydney (Southeast
Australia) Will be extended to at least a week to deal with the renewed epidemic, officials announced Wednesday, announcing 27 new contaminated cases. Five million people in Australia’s most populous city have been living out of their homes since June 26 in an effort to curb the spread of the highly contagious delta variant.
Govit-19. This new prison term will last two weeks, so it will be in effect at least until July 16th.

“It simply came to our notice then Variation Delta The Prime Minister of New South Wales, Gladys Perziglian, mourns in Sydney. “We do not want to find that we have to constantly go from prisons to deconfinitions,” he added, adding that prolonging imprisonment was “the best way to ensure that our only prison before the entire population was vaccinated”.

The “Zero Covid” strategy under discussion

Residents can now go only to buy essentials, get medical care, exercise, go to school or work if they can’t work from home. Australia’s strategy is to target zero cases, the country’s international borders have been closed for fifteen months, and localized locks in some cities have been ordered on a temporary basis. What this approach means is that Australians have generally continued to live normal lives since the onset of the epidemic because the country avoids the number of epidemics.

Since the outbreak, only 30,000 cases have been reported in Australia, including 910 deaths. But more and more questions are being asked about the durability of such a model and the ability of a country to live in isolation from the world. Sydney erupted at this point with only a total of 357 cases, which explains the severity of the strategy. For comparison, United KingdomIt plans to remove its latest restrictions as it registers 27,000 new contaminants a day. The Australian outlook is weighed down by the slowdown in the vaccine campaign because less than 8% of the population has been vaccinated against Covid 19.

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