Paula Rego is back in London for the summer at Tate Britain

Paula Rego is back in London for the summer at Tate Britain

This summer, Tate Britain offers a trip to the world of Paula Rego, which is a dream-like painting, sometimes dreamy, but always inspiring in literature.

The only girl in a London school with Portuguese artists Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud has always been involved in his painting, at first against it. The dictatorial rule of Salazar Then, then, in favor of such social progress Legalization of abortion in Portugal.

In the 1990s the Portuguese painter was recognized for his influence on British iconography through canvases such as the “Mulhercio” series and for “revolutionizing” the way women were portrayed.

“She’s a woman, she’s a foreigner.”

Paula Rego’s work is about her life, her intense relationship with her long-ill husband Victor Willing and her own identity as a Portuguese woman in England.

According to the artist’s son, Nick Willing is one of the most iconic paintings in the 1988 “Dance” exhibition. It was supposed to represent women dancing just like a traditional Portuguese exhibition, but that scene ultimately included men. The central dancer wears her husband’s face, then at the end of his life due to multiple sclerosis.

An exhibition that brings together not only paintings but also paintings, sculptures and pastel drawings Scheduled in Tate Britain In London from July 7 to October 24, 2021.

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