MAWS: France knocks on Germany

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The reaction is rare enough to report. France will soon announce its decision to take part in the Franco-German military program of the maritime patrol aircraft MAWS and return to a Franco-French settlement. According to the Tribune. According to Business Daily, Germany’s decision to buy five P – 8A Poseidon aircraft from Boeing in the United States for த்தில் 1.43 billion will be the result of this recall, which, according to Berlin, is pending an interim solution. MAWS.

Asked by the Security Council of the National Assembly on June 15, Joel Barre, the general representative for weapons, paved the way for the cancellation of the plan. “Regarding the MAWS maritime patrol aircraft we undertook to study at our German friends’ company, we are likely to be disappointed after the Americans announced their intention to fly a Boeing P-8A in advance,” he said. Although the Germans have proposed it as an interim solution, the supply of P-8A to Germany by 2025 calls into question the general need for early MAWS by 2035. I therefore fear that this will force us to reconsider continued cooperation for this project if the German decision to purchase P-8A is confirmed. “

Militarized Falcon 10X?

According to the La Tribune, Paris is now considering designing its own patrol, which could be based on Dassault Aviation’s Falcon 10X commercial jet in collaboration with Thales. Dassault and Thales are already developing the current patrol ship Atlantic 2, which has become essential for France’s overseas operations. Initially dedicated to maritime patrol, Like Levant, he continues to be involved in landscape theaters.

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The cancellation of this cooperation is part of a more tense climate in the military cooperation plans between Paris and Berlin. As the SCAF fighter aircraft project progresses, the MGCS battle tank project is slipping just as the so-called Tiger MK3 helicopter modernization project is expected to sign a contract for new phase development this summer. Tiger attack. The Eurotron project, which unites Spain and Italy, is also struggling to recover from the controversy surrounding motorization in particular. While the Italian avio protects the catalyst from its US partner GE, the saffron pushes its artiden engine.

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