Leah Zedox is still angry at Appellatif Kechiche, but …

Leah Zedox is still angry at Appellatif Kechiche, but ...

As she prepares to defend the four-feature film in Cannes, Leah Cedax returns to the film that revealed La Y de Adele, after our colleagues on the deadline.

In the coming days the official selection in Cannes will feature films with less than four features, including three matches – French shipment, France, fraud -, Leah Zedox is undoubtedly the French star of this 74th edition. “That is madness“, Encourages the actress from our colleagues Deadline. “I did an American film, a European film and two French films, all of which are very different. It is exciting that they were all selected by Cannes“I have to say that Leah Zedox has a certain history with the biggest film festival on the planet. Adele’s life, Abdellatif Kechich, Palm D or that year.

Leah is still angry at Zedox Ketchup, but …

It was more than a movie for me“, Leah Sedox agrees.”It was a real experience and it changed my life. I knew it would be special when we filmed it, but I didn’t think it would be so specialIn 2013, shortly after filming was over, Leah Sedox did not hide the fact that the experience was “horrible” under the direction of Abdellatif Ketchich, revealing that she and her partner, Adele Exorcbos, had been “abused” and “persecuted.” Eight years later, she returned home. Goes: “Ketchup is crazy. Crazy for him. He handled us and it was psychologically very difficult“However, the next James Bond female star with Daniel Craig says this experience will not change.”I am proud of the film and proud to be past this process.s “, confirms the young mother.”Cinema is a way to learn and grow, and although it was embarrassing to be through it, I think I can do anything now.

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