Kenya and South Africa, co-victims? – Young Africa

Kenya and South Africa, co-victims?  - Young Africa

The main target of the spectacular July 4 hacking operation was the United States, which blamed Russia. But 17 countries have been affected, including two Africans.

Doesn’t Africa want to be on the borders of the modern world? Now Kenya and South Africa are joined by the United States, Germany, Canada, Argentina and Indonesia, but for sad reasons. In these countries – a total of 17, according to cyber security firm Asset – new victims of Evil 2.0 are about to be discovered: the latest cyber-attack of spectacular dimensions. The menu of these attacks includes computer content hostages and the demand for redemption in cryptocurrency. If the virtual springs are very real damage, only due to temporary freezing …

Rans 70 million redemption amount

Launched on Friday, the new cyberdock, also known as “ransomware”, which acts like a trance, will be the largest global attack ever recorded on the basis of extortion software. On Sunday, a mob called the Revolt claimed responsibility for the attack on its site Dark web And demanded the recovery of 70 million million for “releasing” locked data using the key to global encryption software.

The July 4 weekend election shows that the US, and especially the US company Ghazia, is the primary target of malicious activity as the U.S. national holiday, awareness is sluggish. Companies and organizations targeting other countries – active in financial services, travel and leisure, information technology services, mass distribution or even the public sector – can only be co-victims.

When Russian and American elephants fight, only African ants suffer …

All the details of the outcome of this case may go undisclosed: Ransomware victims rarely communicate about the ransom because they feel the system has been “violated” and call for the ransom. The hacking test is much stronger than it actually is, where we physically express ourselves. That’s why Revil started leasing its network disabling software to various types of fraudulent owners.

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Russian tolerance

The issue is now taking a political turn, as the group has been identified as Russian speakers. The Kremlin has been isolated by the US president in this new affair after being criticized for its hegemonic tests in Eastern Europe and human rights mercenary violations in Africa.

Admittedly no one could have imagined Vladimir Putin programming phishing behind the scenes of his Rover or IRU brand. But the FBI says many of the computer filpers placed in Russia will receive the tolerance of officers from the country’s security services. When Russian and American elephants fight, only African ants suffer …

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