Jacob de Chrome (finally) to play in the All-Star Game

Jacob de Chrome (finally) to play in the All-Star Game

A few days ago, Jacob DeGrome said he was not going to play in the All-Star Game. Why? Because he had to throw two days before Sunday’s game.

Since the pitcher has an injury history this season, he does not want to risk changing his schedule after two days. It would have been unfair.

Yesterday’s Mets game has been postponed until today. So if they do not tikrom yesterday launched today.

The problem? Sunday is four days away… and the boy throws every five days. There is uncertainty in the air as to whether he will start.

So before the break, only a beginning elementary kutattirku (Today) is a global reality. With the All-Star Game in six days, it will give him a respectable break.

So the question arises: should he go on the field in the All-Star Game?

Apparently, you didn’t go to the pitch in Colorado, hell for that pitcher. He can always say he wants to rest his hand in the second half of the season.

On the other hand, there is no longer an easy reason to say that he started two days ago. It protects less, so to speak.

Will picking up an innings next Tuesday stop him from playing after three days in Pittsburgh? Only he knows the answer.

Obviously, fans want to see the stars ’fight with this guy as a starter for National. We agree with that.

Even better: Shoaib Othani as a starter as an opponent in the United States?

It remains to be seen what he will decide. If he refuses to go, can the Mets see a Taiwanese walker or Edwin Diaz in his place?

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