How the European Digital Certifications Verification Application works

How the European Digital Certifications Verification Application works

Get ready and get from July 15 ‘S verification utility European Digital Certifications COVID-19, According to the Ministry of Digital Government.

The app can be easily and simply “downloaded” by the owner or store manager to verify the authenticity of the digital certificate, which will only display the name of the holder to verify the identity and no other information.

How does the application work?

The certificate will be scanned and the application will automatically display the corresponding color. The color associated with it will depend on what he is studying. Green makes them anxious Vaccine Or sick, the case of yellow tests “likes” and red indicates false certificates. It is noteworthy that each company receives green and yellow on the basis of its report, while it is clarified- it will be audited without having data or audit history because it is the Personal Data Protection Authority which is implemented in full consultation.

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