France / Covid: PCR and antigen tests now pay for overseas tourists

France / Covid: PCR and antigen tests now pay for overseas tourists

PCR and antigen tests have been levied on foreign tourists visiting France since this Wednesday, which is protected by the government in the name of a policy.

Foreign tourists pay 49 euros for PCR tests and 29 euros for antigens from their pockets.

An order issued on Tuesday states that “for non-residents” on the condition that they have a medical prescription or that they have “been identified as a contact case, further free trials are possible by issuing a European insurance card”. Coming to an agreement on European economic Europe or Switzerland from EU or party member countries ”.

“France is a European exception, because it is a reciprocal measure, global,” explained Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, the foreign secretary in charge of tourism.

A government official who faced criticism over the move, which is detrimental to tourism in France, which is already plagued by a global epidemic, said: “We have set very affordable prices. We are competitive in this perspective. (2) Before, it was’ Come to us, it’s free ‘, now it is’ Come to us, it’s cheap’ ‘he said.

Last May, the French executive announced that it would offer free PCR trials to foreign tourists before returning to the country, which was protected as “a component of tourist attraction” and an “economic role” for France.

Since the crisis began in March 2020, tourism in France has been hampered by restrictions on international travel, which has been suspended altogether for several months. According to French estimates, the French economy lost சுற்றுலா 61 billion in tourism revenue last year.

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