Cellphone Tracked: Britney is calling from someone else’s phone

Cellphone Tracked: Britney is calling from someone else's phone

Britney Spears (39) Conducts a life under observation. It is clear that the singer did not open up as part of the guard’s job on the court What a dangerous situation It has been in these years. Meanwhile, more details have come to light about the massive pressure on his father Jamie (69) And his administration was revealed to her. Now it says: Britney She had to think about how she could escape from constant surveillance. Sometimes she used someone else’s phone!

In conversation with New Yorker Revealed Britney Former manager Sam Lutfi (46) The “toxic” translator used different phones in the past to talk to him. When the 39-year-old last called him, he received a call from the same number shortly after, a doctor said. Britney Borrowed his cellphone. “Five years ago she borrowed a phone from the gym and ran away with it.”Called Sam Another example.

He knows for sure that he is with this behavior Permanent control Of the legal committee in the context of the guardian process. Against Sam Was itself Britney However, the family received a second restraining order in 2019, which barred the musician from contact for five years. Diagonally There is! News To Britney Mom Lynn The manager at the time said there was not a blank slate. He is said to have controlled and manipulated his daughter.

Sam Lutfi and Britney Spears 2007 in Los Angeles
Britney Spears in 2003
Lit Spears, mother of Britney Spears

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