Australia out, Portimaw in, MacDoub!

Australia out, Portimaw in, MacDoub!

So Jack Miller and Remy Gardner had a GP at home. Will not be, and by 2020, not in the laces but this is not the type of country, the authorities had decided to close their borders (except for the Australians) New Zealanders for a while, their distant insularity, excluding them from these countries affected by the rest of the world).
In short, the result should not be reopened before 2022, as the virus has caused minor damage (i.e. it inhabits one-third of the country compared to France, while covering fourteen times the surface area, which is thousands of km in the vicinity, so the virus has difficulty walking in the desert).
But in addition, for several weeks, in different parts of the country after the West Coast, an incredible thing happened, the virus reappears and the authorities were so confident in their exemption method that no one thought to buy vaccines in bulk. Or instead, we bought the English vaccine Astra Geneca, which is not very resistant to new varieties that are fashionable in other parts of the world. The result is urgency everywhere, with even fewer Pfizer vaccines in stock. Suddenly, Australia is isolated for at least fifteen days in a hotel near the arrival airport before being released …
But again it amazes me that it was announced so late, the results vary from day to day when it comes to the virus Do not eradicate an epidemic from our rulers who do not know how to rule us, and from our doctors we do not know, we do it with a disease that lasts for many years, the epidemic we live in, to avoid serious forms Get vaccinated, there is nothing more complicated than that …

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Well, there is one more good news in this story, we c … “Penguins“, Penguins living on the island.

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