Tips for Recovering Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp Accounts After Hacking: Okason Techno

Jakarta – In the middle Infection COVID-19, Digital activities are increasing and more and more people are constantly connecting up to work, study, socialization, shopping through social media services.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible people still use social media in other ways, such as hacking or phishing, making your social media inaccessible.

Facebook Indonesia, through its official statement on Tuesday, shared tips to ensure that your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts can be restored if the account is a third party. Your social media has been hacked. The guide is here:

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Report the incident via this link: Fill out the statement with the email address and mobile number used when registering or creating a Facebook account.

Your account may be temporarily inaccessible. No need to worry – just make sure you complete the report with the correct data.

During the data verification process, Facebook will ask you to send a photo of the ID card, such as the ID card or driver’s license. Facebook will send you an email notification once your account has been successfully reset.

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Report the incident via this link:

Once your report is submitted to Instagram, your account may seem lost. This is one of Instagram’s steps to make sure your account is actually hijacked.

Periodically check the email used to create the account. Instagram will send an email asking users to fill out a form and add personal data, such as a photo or ID card.

The verification process usually takes 4 – 7 days. Instagram will provide confirmation through Instagram if the account is restored.


Log in to the WhatsApp app and enter the registered mobile number and verify immediately. Further details on how to verify your number can be found here:

After verification, you will receive a 6-digit code via SMS. Enter the code in the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp will usually ask for a two-step authentication code. However, if the user does not activate it, access to WhatsApp will be obtained after 7 days of the number verification process.

As a result of the collaboration between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, a complete guide to maintaining security and privacy in the online world can be found in the Consumer Guide book ‘Anti-Reped’. This book is free and can be downloaded by anyone via the link

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