The future of Rowdy Dellas in Toronto looks cloudy

The future of Rowdy Dellas in Toronto looks cloudy

Rowdy Telles is a strong left-handed hitter. It has a lot of power, making it the perfect role model for a playoff team.

The problem is, he only plays on the first floor of the pitch. Power Hitter, who plays as DH, can’t play defensively anywhere else.

When a player is not versatile with defenses, he must be perfect as an attacker to gain his place in the sun. But the problem is, it’s not in the case of Dellas.

So here he is, caught behind Vladimir Guerrero Jr., which limits his playing time.He can’t get the rhythm.

As Jayce had other options on the first floor, as a winner of the will, he was sent to the minors.

Is Jayce losing his punch and his power as a southern power? The answer is yes. But if he is not called back, it’s because he does not want to be included in the list of 26 players who remember him.

So one might wonder if he has a future in Toronto.

The Jaycee Journal site goes so far as to wonder if it should be traded in search of reinforcement.

If you do not see a group asking him against a big pitcher, I do not believe he will leave this summer. He will be useful as a back-up hitter in the playoffs and deep in times of misfortune.

At this point, it is up to the minors not to rust. But in September and (perhaps) October, it is less likely that he will sit in the Majors …

As Randall Christch has not been traded, Teles will not be. A team that wants to go far will need depth, and that makes for a great need.

For me, the problem is long overdue. With the first goal of being occupied for a long time, he has no place in Toronto. Does he want to try his luck elsewhere?

The answer is yes.

So he should use every opportunity whether he is in AAA or MLB to prove what he can do.

The guy has not yet qualified for the referee. This makes him very attractive to some clubs who do not have clear options on the first pad.

But for that, he must prove that he is powerful and stable.

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