“The Album”: Julian Deforney, Crossing the United States from Ushuaia to Vancouver

"The Album": Julian Deforney, Crossing the United States from Ushuaia to Vancouver
05 July 2021 20:30

Verviers resident Julian Deforney devotes his youth to caring for animals, nature and the environment. At the age of 22, a graduate in foreign trade, he made his first trip to Bolivia for the voluntary charity Mill Maya, where he shared the lives of beekeepers.

It was inspiring: then he decides to transfer the butterfly web to a camera. He took photography and film lessons, founded the non-profit organization “Explore-Toketh Earth” and moved to South America in 2015.

Concerned about environmental issues, he begins by filming the effects of climate change, but over and over again, his adventurous life takes on a new lease: allowing himself to be guided by the voices of America. 4 years later, after traveling 46,500 kilometers across the entire American continent without an engine, he wanted to broadcast these voices, the voices of the earth and the creatures. His open-minded voices for the meaning of life and solutions for our future as human beings.

This adventure from Ushuaia to Vancouver turned his life upside down, as he testifies in the film “Voices of America”.

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