Solar flares hit Earth and disrupt technology! .. “Strongest in 4 years”!

Solar flares hit Earth and disrupt technology!  .. “Strongest in 4 years”!

Astronomers have announced that radiation from the largest solar flare “seen in years” will cause a technical blackout over the weekend.

Solar flares were detected on July 3, the first type X event recorded since September 2017. The powerful energy explosion escaped the sun and hit the planet, causing some technical disruptions and power outages in the Atlantic Ocean. Although the X-ray pulse did not harm life on the surface, it did cause some disruption to electronic devices and radio frequencies in contact with the planet’s magnetic field.

An astronomer who runs a space meteorological laboratory in Norway said all of its instruments had failed for a short time. “This is the first of many years,” the space weather quote said. “Magnetic confusion is particularly rare.”

The X expansion caused a radio explosion and a surge of electricity on Earth, which affected astronomical instruments.

And the US space agency NASA said the sun would shine on Saturday evening, July 3rd.

Intense flash shooting at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory (SDO), which monitors the sun 24/7, at 3.29 PM GMT (10.29 AM EDT).

This phenomenon is classified as an X 1.5 class expansion, with “X” representing the strongest class.

The next number, meanwhile, indicates the intensity of the flare, so an X3 flare will be twice as intense as a Saturday event.

NASA said: “Solar flares are a powerful explosion of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flame cannot penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, however – when it is intense enough – it can damage the GPS signaling layer (GPS) and communications.”

Solar flares and solar storms can cause power outages and disrupt satellite operations.

“X flares are the strongest type of sunlight. They usually cause deep radio malfunctions and very severe geomagnetic storms,” ​​the space meteorologist said.

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