Family after their bank failed once. 37.196 billion Community

The use of new technologies does not mean that there can be no errors when making banking transactions. An example of this is a family from Louisiana (USA) who became a millionaire from moment to moment. Get a $ 50,000 million bank transfer, which is like 37,196,000,000,000 million pesos.

This is family Darren James, A Baton Rouge real estate broker who was sorting out his home funds last Friday.

When you open your bank’s website, Chase Bank, A few hours ago they found out that he had received a deposit of the amount mentioned above.

“It’s not like a zero error or two zero error, it’s someone sleeping on the keyboard. I was excited. It’s really amazing how he got there, he wondered if he had a rich uncle, “he told CNN.

Fortunately, the man admitted that he had never thought about spending that money because he knew it might be an organizational or administrative error, so he was quiet.

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“My moral compass only goes in one direction, that’s the right way. There is a big difference between morality and legitimacy. Honesty and good morals came into effect immediately and there is nothing we can do with money. I did not earn it, the cost was not ours, ”he said.

Last Monday, the bank contacted him to indicate that the computer had a computer problem, so they would continue to update his account.

“A few weeks ago we had a technical problem This affected a certain number of accounts. The issue was resolved a day later and all accounts show accurate balances, ”they said in a statement.

People in the United States should note that banks cannot spend the money deposited in their bank accounts incorrectly.

Those who commit this type of act could face fines of up to $ 500,000 or up to five years in prison.

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