The remnants of a collapsed building in Florida

The remnants of a collapsed building in Florida


The 12-story building is called “Sampline Towers South” (Reuters)

Florida (AFP) – 05/07/2021. 12:25

The remnants of a collapsed building in Florida

On Sunday night, the remains of the collapsed building were demolished Florida Controlled explosives, according to TV footage.

Authorities decided to demolish the remaining building in Florida on Tuesday, fearing it would collapse uncontrollably as the tropical storm Elsa passes by.

Earlier, Miami-Tate Mayor Daniela Levine announced the rest Building One of the landslides in Florida on June 24 will be demolished overnight from Sunday to Monday in anticipation of the arrival of a tropical storm.

Levine told a news conference that local time would be exploded between 22:00 and 3:00 pm (02:00 and 07:00 GMT) using “strategically placed small explosives.”

Much of the 12-story building known as “Sampline Towers South” has collapsed.

It happened at midnight on June 24, and in one of the worst urban disasters in U.S. history, a cloud of dust covered the place.

Authorities feared the remaining parts of the building would collapse, threatening the safety of those rescued. These concerns were heightened by the arrival of tropical storm Elsa, which is expected Tuesday in Florida.

On Saturday, searches for the missing were suspended for preparations for the demolition Disaster victims 24 were killed and 121 were injured.

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