Pranab Putra Abhijit left the Congress and joined Mamata's party

Pranab Putra Abhijit left the Congress and joined Mamata’s party

Pranab Putra Abhijit left the Congress and joined Mamata's party

Dhaka: Former Congress MP He reached the bottom on Monday (July 5), putting an end to all speculation.

According to the Anand Bazaar newspaper, he went to Trinamool Baban on Monday afternoon and officially joined the Joraful camp. The event was attended by Trinamool General Secretary and Minister Perth Chatterjee and Lok Sabha Speaker Sudeep Pandyopadhyay.

Explaining the ‘reason’ for joining Trinamool, Abhijit said, ‘Mamata Banerjee has proved in the Assembly elections that she can stop the BJP. I hope he can do that in the next Lok Sabha referendum. ‘

Abhijit was a two-time Member of Parliament from the Jangipur Lok Sabha constituency in Murshidabad. Prior to that he was the MLA of Nalhati in Birbhum. “I am a former now,” Abhijit told a news conference on Monday. I have no post. ‘

Besides, Pranab Putra said, ‘My father never asked me to join the Congress. I came to politics on my own initiative. ‘

Since the fall of Congress in the Assembly elections, speculation has arisen about a change of party of the elite more than once. However, he turned down the offer to join the Zoraful camp each time. On June 21, Abhijit Trinamool met All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee at his Camac Street office. Although he later said nothing about it, his close confidant agreed. Former MP Abhijit recently visited his constituency of Jangipur. Murshidabad district grassroots leaders also met him there.

In early June, Abhijit turned down the offer to change the party and wrote on Twitter, “I did not tell anyone about this. He later gave a private interview to the news agency PTI.” I am in Congress, “he said. He did not belong to Trinamool or any other party. The news that he is joining is not true but when he later deleted the tweet, new speculations started.

After his defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Abhijit’s anaconda in Jangipur was almost stopped. But recently, his travels have increased again, according to local sources. There is speculation that he may be the Trinamool candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections in Jangipur.

Bangladesh Time: 2314 hrs, July 5, 2021

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