Philippines | More than 4,500 are at risk of another volcanic eruption

Philippines |  More than 4,500 are at risk of another volcanic eruption

(MANILA) Philippine scientists on Sunday warned of a possible volcanic eruption south of the capital Manila as toxic gas emissions hit a record high, forcing thousands to flee their homes.

The high volcano, located in the middle of a beautiful lake, has been leaking sulfur dioxide since last week, drowning the Philippine capital and several surrounding provinces in fog.

The provincial disaster management agency said Sunday that nearly 4,500 people have fled their homes since authorities called for them to evacuate from the most vulnerable areas along the lake.

Some areas have been cordoned off to prevent residents from returning.

An explosion similar to 1There is July should happen very soon, ”the Philippine Seismological and Volcanic Institute said in a statement.

The high point, located about fifty kilometers from Manila, woke up Thursday and presented pieces of steam and rock several hundred meters above sea level, following the first eruption, which prompted the company to raise the alarm level.

The last eruption of the Taliban has displaced 135,000 people since January 2020, killed livestock, buried dozens of homes under a hot volcanic eruption and dumped ashes within a 15-kilometer radius.

It is one of the most active volcanoes in the archipelago, while the country is constantly experiencing eruptions and earthquakes, due to its position in the Pacific nation’s “fire ring”.

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