Montreal looks forward to seeing his American tourists again this summer

Montreal looks forward to seeing his American tourists again this summer

The Canadians were awarded the Stanley Cup Final An extraordinary stimulus For Montreal Hotel Owners, Tourism recognizes Manuela Goya, Vice President of Montreal.

In one week, starvation rates have risen from about 25% to 60% and even 80% in some hotels in the city center., He mentions on the show’s microphone All morning. Ms. Goya argues that even after a crisis, Montreal has all its appeals.

But the summer of 2021 will not be the time to return to normal, she expects. Unfortunately these are the good times we live in for the short term. Once this hockey madness passes, the Ontarians will come back into practice, but not the Americans, because the borders are still closed., She laments.

We need open boundaries, we ask for predictability.

An excerpt from:Manuela Goya, Vice President of Tourism Montreal

Despite further easing of border restrictions, it comes into force on Monday and includes the end of isolation for fully vaccinated Canadians, who are banned from foreign national tourism in the country.

The Canadian Border Services Agency warns that travelers attempting to cross the Canadian border for accommodation related to tourism, leisure or recreation will be denied entry.

However, medieval tourism, especially in Ontario, is not as lucrative as American travel to Montreal. Usually, the city prepares to welcome 2.5 million Americans, especially in the summer, Summarizes Mrs. Goya.

Holidaymakers in Ontario find it difficult to make up for the absence of Americans They spend an average of $ 160 a day, Refers to the Vice President of Tourism Montreal.

The fall of the epidemic, the progress of the epidemic and the gradual easing of border controls around the world are making Canada’s tourism sector salivary.

In view of the well-developed vaccination campaign in the United States, why does he suggest that fully vaccinated Americans should not be allowed to enter? A Fortiori The U.S. states border Canada, which has the highest vaccination rates.

For months now, Ottawa has been pushing for the reopening of borders with its key economic partner, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly explained that Canadians are not yet out of the epidemic.

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