Massive Cyber ​​Attack: The Confusion of Joe Biden

Massive Cyber ​​Attack: The Confusion of Joe Biden

This weekend, Joe Biden must have spent a lot of time with his cyber security advisers. Because the US president is under pressure. He also promised that Vladimir Putin would give a firm response to Russia in the event of further cyber attacks. Events starting on Saturday will give Joe Biden a chance to star.

Around this time, a ransomware attack began targeting the American company Casey, a company unknown to the public. The company, which specializes in IT asset management software, has more than 10,000 customers in at least ten countries – this weekend, it is unclear whether Switzerland will be affected. However, this attack is sure to be comparable to a domino game. Kasaya was attacked and some of his clients were indirectly affected. We found that more than 500 co-operative supermarkets in Sweden (with no connection to Swiss distributors) were forced to close this weekend, and their computer systems were paralyzed.

So this is a huge piece targeted by hackers. Casey noted forty affected customers, cyber security experts provided a number of 200, and it took several days to better assess the extent of the damage.

During his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Joe Biden first mentioned an American counter-attack against Russia in the event of new cyber attacks. According to researchers, the Russian band of robbers seems to be behind the attack on Kasaya. “When Russia found out about this and / or knew it was Russia’s fault, I told Putin we would respond,” Biden said Saturday.

The pressure on the US president is enormous. If the Rev. is confirmed liable, it must take action. By satisfying itself in lecturing on Russia, does it stand as a backbench for these pirate groups? Or by triggering a response with the great risk of uncontrolled expansion? Joe Biden must act with elegance in a digital battle that is so difficult to establish compelling sources.

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