From Velvet to Back North, Cannes – Agency competes in ANSA

From Velvet to Back North, Cannes - Agency competes in ANSA

(ANSA) – Rome, July 04 – Three French films, two Americans, an Israeli, a Korean and a Hungarian. It is part of the eight nationalities of films that did not compete at the Cannes Film Festival 2021. With themes ranging from catastrophic films to shows, first in comics and then in 1941 in Kiev, up to the music of Velvet Underground.

While waiting for Todd Hans, who was created in 1964 and scaled with a rock legend like The Velvet Underground running from 1973 to 1973. One of the most innovative and influential rock bands in the world. Rock History.

Where is Ann Frank? The film, animated by Israeli director Ari Folman (WALTZ WITH BASHIR), is dedicated to Anne Frank.

In it Kitty plays a fictional friend who believes Anne is still alive and thus travels across Europe hoping to find her.

Tom McCarthy’s DAUGHTER FROM STILLWATER tells the story of an oil worker (Matt Damon) who leaves Oklahoma for Marseille to visit his daughter and is imprisoned for the crime he committed.

Sergey Losnitsa’s BABI YAR.CONTEXT is based entirely on archival footage, which led to the massacre of 33,771 Jews in Kiev in September 1941 under German occupation.

Emergency announcement directed by Han Jay-rim South Korean disaster action film directed by Han Jay-rim. Everything was based on a real plane crash in which maximum warning and unconditional landing were demanded.

DE SON VIVANT by Emmanuel Bergot tells a play. The suffering experienced by his mother (Saturn Denive) in the face of the unacceptable face of a man (Benoit Magimel) who was condemned at a very young age by the disease, finally, the dedication of a doctor and a nurse. Understand what it means to die very young, in a picture, a year with the disease.

ALINE, LA VOIX DE L’AMOR, with Valerie Lemercier and, tells the story of Celine Dion’s career. Describe the Canadian artist Lemercier as a singer and director and actress.

Finally, Cedric Jimenez’s BAC NORD takes us to Marseille in 2012, when at one time the northern districts of the city had the worst record: the district with the highest crime rates in France. (MANIPULATE).

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