Awesome shark attack on a surfer

Awesome shark attack on a surfer

The picture is spectacular. This Monday, July 5, just before 4.30pm local time, A young surfer is a victimSharkOn a beach in northern New South Wales, East of Australia.

He was attacked while browsing

As announced Sydney Morning Herald, Facts happened at Crescent Head Beach. The young man in his twenties was quietly browsing when he was suddenly attacked by unidentified men A great oneSharkWhite three meters long By scientists.

Those on the beach were able to give him first aid while waiting for help to arrive. He was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital, about 300 kilometers away. He suffered a major injury to one of his hands, but his condition was “stable”.

Meanwhile, the beach where the incident took place has been closed to the public.

Shredded board

Crescent Head Santa Surf Facebook page released Interesting photo of the condition of the surfboard after the attack.

Now be careful where the crutch head is there

Posted by Crescent Head Santa Surf. Ann Monday, July 5, 2021

As usual, It is important to remember that this type of phenomenon is very rare. Photographer and Best White Shark Expert Patrice Herod explained in an interview with our colleagues in 2012 20 minutes, The shark usually goes Attack A surfer because his board is like the fins of a sea lion or the tortoise seen from below.

According to Daronga Defense Association, Lists shark attacks in Australia, with only “12” cases reported in 2021.

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