9 Trojan apps on Google Play Store removes and steals Facebook passwords. Anyone who downloads it can quickly remove it and change the password.

The danger came again… this time it wasAn application to hide the Trojan that steals Facebook passwords. Foolish users, Google would have known and successfully removed these apps from the Play Store, but only if someone downloaded and installed themApplications that are entitled to be attacked are still on the device. 9 As for dangerous applications, let’s see.

Previously, there were 8 malicious applications containing Joker malware to steal some data. Secretly subscribing to paid services came to the Play Store for a while, and of course it was fully managed by Google.

Recently, 9 malicious apps were found to be lurking in the Google Play Store again. This time, it was detected. Dr. Web Russian antivirus software developer company, all applicationsIt has been downloaded over 5.8 million times.

Its attacker is a Trojan type that causes users to log in to Facebook before using the app.The login page is very similar to Facebook. When the user enters the email and password, the thief is done.… Because that data will be sent back to hackers immediately.

Fake login screen not known as fake.

These apps are photo editing, file lock, horoscope apps. After logging in it can actually be used It does not attract the user yet it is installed on the device because most malware applications compress duplicate applications and shut down the application itself. Or press, the ads will only remain until the user deletes it after installation

The list of all 9 applications is as follows.

  1. Process photo
  2. Keep the app locked
  3. Garbage cleaner
  4. Horoscope Daily
  5. Horoscope bag
  6. Application Lock Manager
  7. Lockit Master
  8. Fitness Fitness
  9. PiP photo

The application actually works.

Dr. Webb recommends that downloading personal apps from the Play Store should only be downloaded from trusted developers. It’s a good idea to look at other users’ reviews, especially those with lower ratings, as you may find something wrong with the app and tell them. For those who want to give the full score, it should be weighed carefully because sometimes it is the hacker’s hole account that takes a loop for reviews.

Source: Phone Arena, Dr. Web

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