Wimbledon: What are the chances for Australia?

Canceled in 2020, the Wimbledon tournament is back to 2021 this year.

Australia The best land of tennis. With Australian Open Round, Won again and again by the Australian players, and in other matches they are plenty to believe in the top. Anger Rod Laver, The last Australian to win Roland Kross In 1969 and one of the most successful, we can quote Patrick Rafter, Winner I am open In 1998, or even, Laylton Hewitt, The last Australian to win two major tournaments, I am open And 2002 and Wimbledon Next year.

The English tournament, which began on June 22, has already seen many players from around the world compete with each other in an attempt to rip off debtors. Novak Djokovic, Already a winner Australian Open Round And Roland Kross, Competition Wimbledon.

Australia can count on 11 players and 13 players to win the final in the singles. 7 of them have already been eliminated and 4 players in the men’s division have to withdraw from the tournament. However, hope remains, especially for whoever is the best representative From Australia, Nick Kyrgios The French have to face Yuko Humbert This Tuesday.

Other matches to come on June 28, John Millman The Spaniard will be challenged Roberto Batista-August, When Christopher O’Connell Go to him and meet another Frenchman, Cal Monfils. For others, Mark Bolmans Playing Taiwanese Lu Yen-hsun And Alex de Minor, American Sebastian Corda.

For women, there is only one competition to come, Samantha Stosur The 48th player in the world will challenge the American Shelby Rogers.

The doubles will start on June 30th

While not yet launched, the doubles matches will be very important for Australia as they will allow a good number of outfielders to win a title. So, Adina Rodionova, Removed on Friday, joins forces with Kazakh, Zarina Thias To face the Hungarians Tima Babos And the French girl Christina Miladenovic. For women, 5 Australians will compete in doubles and 12 in men.

Something to believe in again, a win Australia, Is one of the toughest competitions in the world.

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