Trials and plans for the coming years

Trials and plans for the coming years

What would it be like to travel in urban areas with a flying taxi? Is it something you try or something you think double and triple to do it? However, if you wish, the Richard Branson And this Virgo Atlantic When they enter the service field (and), they can serve you in this direction Taxi by plane.

It is, of course, Not easy. Initially these taxis should belong to their type eVTOL, I.e. vertical landing and take-off electric vehicles, based on vertical space for this Bristol. The company recently released it VA-X4, An air taxi with a capacity of up to four people that can travel at speeds of 320-330 km. The flying vehicle has a range of more than 150 km and almost never produces pollutants, say its creators. Quiet.

According to the BBC, Virgin Atlantic reached an agreement with it several weeks ago Vertical space With the initial thinking of its executives, to explore the possibility of providing air-taxi services Virgo Atlantic The use of VA-XAs to provide transportation services to air travelers is aimed at air traffic on Virgin Air to passengers on one of its flights. Atlantic.

Flying taxis, new modes of transport in Paris (and)

However, Virgin is not the only aerospace company. Pilot tests of flying taxis with a background have already begun a few days ago 2024 Olympics in Paris. Private aeronautics companies in France, in collaboration with Paris Airports, the Transport Authority and the City District, have announced an ambitious plan to make flying vehicles accessible to all. Accordingly Euronews, The transport company proposes to create a path between them St. Denny and Disneyland, Located outside the theme park capital.

In front of everyone involved is Airbus, which has delivered its first test flight to the public in the last two years. Citiarbus It looks like a huge drone with a capacity of four people. At the same time, construction of the take-off and landing terminals begins (Verteboard), The installation of a special electric charging system for vehicles is forecast. “We have a lot of unused space Bus stations and depots This will allow us to build this infrastructure. “We see air taxis as a means of connecting business, tourism and isolated areas,” he said. Mary Claude Debois, Innovation Director at the Paris Transport Company.

French officials want to prepare this plan for the 2024 Paris Olympics so potential customers can book their flights Exclusive use on smartphone.

The competition from Germany is in full swing

However, Airbus will face competition from the German company Volocopter. Flying taxi Instability Any hybrid between a drone and a helicopter that has already flown test flights to Helsinki, Stuttgart and Singapore, and was recently unveiled for its first test flight at Paris’ Le Forquet Airport, where the taxi flew for about four minutes. 30 meters above the ground.

“It’s designed for urban use. He’s got it Two places It perfectly fits the needs of the passengers. If we look at taxis or Uber today, they have hips Capacity of one, maximum two Inside the cabin, so this is the perfect vehicle for travel. “It provides a peaceful, safe and wonderful experience,” he said Florian Reuters, CEO of Volocopter.

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