Secret match between LeBron, T-Wade, T-Rose and … Barack Obama!

L'ancien président des États-Unis, Barack Obama, a révélé les dessous d'un pickup game organisé à la Maison Blanche avec les superstars NBA Lebron James, Dwyane Wade et Derrick Rose

In the United States, the champions of the major sports leagues go to the White House every year and are greeted by the President. These shortcuts between sports and politics can sometimes give birth to better stories. The latest is about a contest involving LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, and it was signed with Barack Obama!

If we had known him as President of the United States between 2008 and 2016, Barack Obama would have had another great interest: the orange ball. A big fan of the Bulls, he was a player in his youth, which was much appreciated by the general public. Looking at the pictures, we can say that he retained a certain talent:

Welcoming the NBA Champions every year has certainly pleased him and he is constantly monitoring its performance. He recently told a very crisp story on the subject. Guest Armchair Expert Podcast, The politician explains that he once organized a 3 × 3 with many stars of the league. Those invited to DC back then were so cute!

One privilege of being president is that you can invite people to the White House and they can come. For my 49th birthday, we had an all-star game that was perfect for us. LeBron Dwayne Wade and came along Derrick Rose They are from Chicago.

Acting, actors! As a rising basketball player, Obama never got a chance against such a boat of more powerful players. However, if he did not reveal the outcome of the match, the former POTUS shared some recordings of the experience he had. We can at least say that the king made a strong impression on him:

When LeBron suddenly defends you – that human mountain – you feel smaller and weaker than ever before in your life. You send the ball to him, or hand it to him and say, “I don’t deserve it.”

We would love to have pictures of this updated crowd. Did one of the NBA stars dare to sink the head of the then head of state? Or can Obama overcome one of his whistle-blowers? This will create a fascinating story.

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