Breakfast: Daniel Snyder in the dark

Breakfast: Daniel Snyder in the dark

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Roger Goodell should acknowledge the arrival of Daniel Snyder

A different aspect of Washington’s fine on Thursday comes from the owner’s position Daniel Snyder. The press release announcing the $ 10 million fine and other financial penalties explains that co-owner Tanya Snyder will manage day-to-day operations and represent the team indefinitely at league meetings.

The league and team insist the move is voluntary. In other words, Daniel Snyder is sidelined and avoids the contempt of official suspension. He has no choice but to volunteer to avoid another scandal and raise the issue a little more. This view is reinforced by a new expression Washington Post This confirms that Commissioner Roger Goodell “must recognize the return of Daniel Snyder to daily control.” Contradictory version of the owner’s lawyer, Jordan Sieve.

“Any suggestion that Commissioner Goodell should acknowledge Don Snyder’s return to daily control is wrong,” Shiv told’s Adam Schaefer. “Dan has not been suspended, so by definition he should not be re-appointed under any circumstances.”

In the meantime, he can still participate in sports, find new investors for the team and focus on his efforts to build a new stadium.

DJ Sark (Jaguars) hopes for a successful day

DJ Sark (WR) Although he did not win many games, he had three solid first seasons in the NFL (the Jaguars have 36 defeats from 12 wins in that interval). But the receiver hopes everything will change with the arrival of new head coach Urban Meyer. According to him, it is unlikely that the team will not be better than last year, and he hopes the public will be surprised by the quality of the game.

“We don’t want to breed a season at 1-15,” SAARC told Omar Ruiz of the NFL Network. “Everyone here understands that. The guys who came in came from a lot of successful projects, so we try to cultivate that winning culture and that friendship and I think we are going to do a good job. I think we are going to surprise a lot of people. I’m not the type to announce goals or things like that, or say how many wins or losses we’re going to get, but we’re definitely going to be an amazing football team. “

“And Trevor can be trusted[Lawrence], He’s crazy to be so young and talented. So the sky is the limit, in fact, with us now. We don’t know how good we can be, but we know we can be sure. “

Jay Jones (Riders) rediscovered the interest

Selected at 2 p.m.e Tour buffalo in 2017, Jay Jones (WR) He never showed all of his talents. Buffalo’s best recipient in 2018 (56 receptions, 652 yards, 7 touchdowns), he withdrew from support the following year (5 games, 7 receptions, 69 yards), making his bundles for Oakland this season against the 5th round pick. After serving for utilities in the cycle, Jones has chosen to resign with the Raiders, though he has not made much of an impact since his arrival. There seems to be some connection between the existence of John Croton and this.

“It’s a lot of fun [d’être entraîné par Gruden] Jones said in an interview for the team’s internal channel. “I’m told a lot of people I ‘ve talked to, and Cruden’s rekindled his love for football. Football was something that felt like a job at the beginning of my career.

“He brings so much history to the game, he can connect Jerry Rice with Randy Moss, the current player to Fred Pletnikoff. He puts the videos in this melting pot. It’s fun. It’s creative. You have no idea what you’re going to do. It’s a combination of the two. ”

Everson Griffen wants to return to Minnesota

After 10 years under the colors of the Vikings, Everson Griffen (DE) He left the ship in 2020 to try the adventure under other skies. A year later, after lightning strikes in Dallas and Detroit, the defensive end finds itself without a team and wants to return to its former boss. According to, Griffen recently sent Paul Allen KFAN To confirm his willingness to sign again with the Vikings.

“I should never leave the Vikings,” Griffon wrote to Allen. “I did something stupid. What I tweeted was wrong. The Viking system took so much care of me through my ups and downs that I insulted a lot of people.”

Even if the tweets were deleted, damage could occur, and it would be surprising to see him withdraw his purple pants. Mike Zimmer is not happy with his options in the event of a pass-rush or injury.

The biography of Kurt Warner is due out in December

From the shelves of a supermarket and arena league to a champion ring and the glory of an MVP title, Kurt Warner (QB) The star had a meteorite rise in the late 1990s. The story was too good to pass through the cracks of Hollywood.

Announced in 2020, the film describing the life of the quarterback now has a release date. American Underdog: Kurt Warner Story is set to hit theaters on December 10th CBS game. Starring, Zachary will play Levi Warner and Anna Buckwin as his wife. Dick Vermeil (then head coach) Dennis Coyote and Simeon Castil (receiver) as Isaac Bruce make headlines. Keep in mind that Castle is a former NFL cornerback who has crossed the Bengal in his career.

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