Authorities should stop introducing excise tax on "green" energy - People's Deputy

Authorities should stop introducing excise tax on “green” energy – People’s Deputy

“Foreign investors have been investing in renewable energy sources in Ukraine since 2014. But over the past year, the situation has worsened significantly,” Konserenko said.

According to him, one of the most important issues to be addressed is to drop the introduction of excise duty on the sale of electricity derived from alternative energy sources.

“Firstly, the introduction of such a tax would significantly worsen the regulatory environment for the activities of renewable energy producers. Secondly, the new” excise “is contrary to the memorandum signed between the state and investors,” the people’s deputy explained.

According to him, the authorities should focus on ensuring the current payments to renewable energy producers for the electricity supplied and repaying the accumulated debt of UAH 17.8 billion by 2020.

“In addition to Zhelensky and Schmidt, I sent a request to the Minister of Finance, Marchenko, and to the head of the National Commission for Regulation of the State of Energy and Utilities, Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy Kardamtsev. I hope a response and a speedy solution to the problem will be found.”

We recall that in early June the Cabinet registered a bill திருத்த5600 on amendments to the tax code, which, among other things, proposed to introduce an excise tax on “green” energy in Ukraine at a rate of 3.2%. . On July 1, the bill was seconded in Parliament.

Previously, specialized associations of renewable energy, the introduction of an excise tax on “green” electricity, worsened the conditions for economic activity of those who produce resources from renewable sources, which is a complete violation of the rights of investors, the impossibility of raising funds for investment climate and new environmental projects.

In late June, the EPRD, the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, the Dutch Development Finance Corporation, the Development Finance Corporation and the Secretariat of the Energy Community wrote a letter to Dmitry Rasumko, chairman of Verkhovna Rada.

They insisted that the introduction of an excise tax on generating electricity from renewable sources in Ukraine was contrary to the EU’s decarbonization goals, threatening the country’s plans to integrate with the European Energy Agency, and therefore this provision should be amended.

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