The Metro series starts tonight

The Metro series starts tonight

The New York Yankees are now in a tight spot for where each series will be most important. This weekend is no exception because the Mets will “take the subway” to go to the Bronx.

These days it can be a battle of organizations fighting to put points on the boards.

On the one hand, the Mets will try to top the Eastern Division of the National League, and on the other hand, the Yankees will try to find a way to get closer to their followers who are in fourth place. The Eastern Division of the American League, nine games behind the stunning Boston Red Sox.

The good news for the Bombardiers is that since they were on the field on Thursday, they will avoid facing the talented Jacob de Chrome.

In the first two meetings, Taiwan Walker and Marcus Stroman will automatically be Mets. Jordan Montgomery and Gerrit Cole will do the same for the Yankees. Gunners for Sunday night’s game have not yet been announced.

No team will come with the wind in their boat for this series. Especially for the Yankees, who are facing a disappointing setback against Los Angeles as they lead by four points in the ninth inning. In addition, the game, which was postponed due to rain on Thursday, still shone for a long time in this bitter defeat.

So this would be a great fight with the most important impacts.

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