The dream of a reconciled America

The dream of a reconciled America

The mountain we climb

De Amanda Gorman

The bilingual version has been translated from English (United States) by Luce and Yakuza

Ford, 64 p., € 8

On Jan. 20, when Joe Biden took office, he stole the show from the new U.S. president. At the age of 22, Amanda Gorman read a poem written simultaneously by Donald Trump supporters after the Capitol invasion. Within 6 minutes, the young feminist poet and civil rights activist, with her powerful and confident voice, utters quick words to give hope to these severely broken people and win the hearts of millions of viewers around the world.

OR PORTRAIT. Amanda Gorman: A young poet enchants the world at the suggestion of Joe Biden

Then comes the controversy: in the Netherlands, the young and talented Marike Lucas Rijneweld, Booker Prize 2020, has to translate the text. Recognized by Gorman, he is being violently attacked in his country. In the absence of Afro-Dutch, she would not have the legal character to translate this poem anywhere «A slim black woman, / descendant of a slave and raised by a mother, / dream of becoming president (…) ». The controversy is growing and igniting networks. So, is it necessary to be “identical” to allow us to create a poem together?

Famous “I am another” Issued by Arthur Rimbaud Unfortunately too far away. Dutch poet wants to retire by publishing a poem, All livable, Can be read online (1). In France, publisher Fayard takes the lead and hands over the translation of the 24-year-old Belgian-Congolese rapper Marie-Pierre Cocoma, or Luce and Yakuza, its debut album Core, Published in 2020, describes in a beautiful voice the struggles one experiences and must undertake in order to build oneself out of a mixed identity.

Recession and denial of motivation

And poetry? In a hurricane of generous patriotism we are no less accustomed to on this page of the Atlantic, Amanda Gorman quotes the book of Micah: “Everyone can sit under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one will come to disturb him.”, A verse referring to peace and the prosperity that George Washington, the first president of the United States in 1789, used many times in his letter for prosperity.

TRIBUNE. Amanda Gorman or Poetic Shock of America

The need to fight against the obstacles of democracy, individual and collective responsibility, denial of inaction and motivation … Excessive words of political discourse here are recharged with their primary power thanks to the rhythm of the poetic text. They recalled this question of Simon Weil in his article Rooting : “The problem with a system that inspires people is very new.” Poetry, carried towards a very large number, probably obscures the beginning of an answer.

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