France-Switzerland: A good time with the French in London

Des personnes trinquent dans un bar

Despite the defeat of the French team on Monday, The atmosphere was real With Soho page Frenchman from London, With whom the editorial staff went to participate in the competition.

Two bars were privatized for the event: The Tiger Tiger And this Soho Zebrano. We went to the second place where a strict regulation of a health protocol and identity documents logically awaited all customers. One hundred people gathered and spread out on three platforms, each of which had different arrangements. The 3rd floor we were in was more comforting as it was filled with armchairs rather than chairs. A lounge situation where supporters don’t like it!

Electric atmosphere as expected

Sitting in an armored chair, surrounded by beer and passionate fans in hand, how can you not feel at home in such an environment? These arrangements were certainly greatly conducive to establishing a very pleasant atmosphere before the match, especially since the hall was already full 30 minutes before the kick-off. Drink orders rained, but did not come long as the service was efficient.

Then came the moment to sing Marseilles, The first moment the hearts of the supporters began to beat in unison. Surprisingly, as soon as the game started, everyone in attendance rolled their eyes at the screen. Reacting to every acceleration of a French player, waking up at every missed opportunity or cursing when Switzerland opened the scoring. All the ingredients for a great football moment, or rather unity, were there. The organizers in the room did not leave when the voice was heard, neither of us.

Decibels regained a place in the second half when Karim Benzema scored twice in the space of two minutes. Similarly when Paul Pogba split with an amazing goal, he brought the score to 3-1 in favor of the Blues and everyone thought they were decisive. That is evidenced by the various successful songs that resonated in the bar at the time.

As you know the rest, the Swiss came back to equality, forcing the French team to play extra time, so the match was extended to at least 30 minutes … as wellOff time ! Because, as far as the French in London are concerned, out of the question of not letting themselves be defeated.

A friendly post-game despite the bitterness

Removing the blues by Switzerland was not very encouraging. However, the tears did not flow freely, but lit beer, gifts of comfort. The event, set up by the organizers, wants to emphasize its writing kindness and kept all its promises. Despite the horrific penalty shoot-out that pushed our Swiss friends into the quarterfinals and sent our blues home, this moment was happy and festive for the French to get there.

With the Soho Zebrano closed at 3am, this is possible for those who want to continue the evening on the lower floors (taking into account the ground floor, the bar has a total of four rooms). The bar managers themselves were very welcoming and we can only advise you to visit them.

The series of events to follow the French team’s matches may be over and the French in London will not stand there. In addition to the future organization of the picnic for the French community in London, another meeting has already been arranged for a casual evening on September 24 “90s to present”. What firmly digests failure, is unity.

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