A special agency has reported that 200 companies have been targeted by a cyber attack

Computer security firm Honduras Labs said Friday that CyberTalk is targeting about 200 companies with a recovery note via management software from the US company Kasia.

“We are investigating a possible attack on (software) VSA, which seems to be limited to a limited number of our on-site customers,” Casey said on his website, which “cautiously” shut down some servers.

The team, which says it is “investigating the source of the problem”, has asked all clients running its software site to shut down servers that provide the software.

The U.S. Agency for Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security (CISA) said on its own website that it was taking action to “understand and resolve the latest ransomware attack” against Cassia’s VSA software and multiple service providers. IT management using this software.

He encourages companies to follow Ghazia’s advice, including “immediately follow their procedure for shutting down servers” related to software.

Ransomware, or “ransomware”, uses security holes in a business or individual to encrypt and block their computer systems, demanding a ransom to open them.

According to Honduras Labs, the group did not specify the size or nature of these target companies, but “about 200 companies are encrypted”.

“Based on the computer models, ransomware specifications and TOR URL (web address used), we firmly believe that there is a subsidiary of the hacker group known as Revel or Sodinokip.” The origin of these intrusions, “said Huntrus Labs in a news release.

In early June the FBI led the group to a computer attack against the global meat company JBS, which paralyzed its operations in North America and Australia for several days.

The United States has been plagued in recent months by ransomware cyber-attacks affecting large corporations, such as JPS and the oil pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, as well as local communities and hospitals. Many of these attacks were attributed to Russian-based hacker groups operating at least with the indirect consent of the Kremlin.

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