Windows 11 launches OnePlus 6D and Xiaomi Mi 8: Modding has no boundaries

When Microsoft Keep changing your mind On the minimum requirements of Windows 11, The community has already worked hard to bring The next operating system in the house of Redmond Its Devices – at least in theory – can’t support it. As we all know, the community will never depend, and today we are getting new credentials to build Windows 11 on some Android smartphones equipped with SoC. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: Let’s talk about OnePlus 6D e Xiaomi Mi8, Two of the 2018 range that received a trial version of the operating system, thanks to the work done by the developers Renegade project.

The team is working on building buildings that can run on Snapdragon 845-based devices (except for the two mentioned, which seem to work on a SoC test unit) and Snapdragon 855, Even if the works in the latter case are still behind, and the support alone Area.

Of course we are talking Experimental developments that do not yet support many features (Like WiFi, Bluetooth and speakers, USB, Touch and GPU seem to be active), however this is a very interesting project that will create fully usable versions in the future, as we have already seen in the past. Below we leave you with the first pictures and a movie showing the start of creation on the OnePlus 6T (about 11 minutes); If you would like to deepen the question, please access the GitHub page of the project via the link Source.

(Updated 02 July 2021, 3:22 pm)

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