Prince Harry returns to London: Did he travel by private plane?

Prince Harry returns to London: Did he travel by private plane?

Prince Harry, who returned to the United Kingdom after several weeks of absence, is under close scrutiny. The young man must now focus on the locomotion instructions he is following.

For several days, his every move Are being explored. Back in the UK after several weeks of absence, The Prince Harry with his brother Prince William visits to unveil the statue of their Lady Mother, Should have celebrated its 60th birthday on July 1st. Duke of Sussex is a very emotional moment Wanted to keep it private, Except for a cameraman and a photographer. If some pictures had come out, The Prince Harry now wants to step away from the British media. This is why his arrival at Heathrow Airport in London was made with great desire.

There is no way to take a private plane as many people think. Prince a American Airlines commercial aircraft, June 25, from Los Angeles. During his previous trip to England, For the funeral of Prince Philip, Megan Markle’s husband was traveling with British Airways. A way for the Duke of Sussex to avoid any controversy. This is because, in the past, he and his wife have been heavily criticized for using expensive (and not very environmentally friendly) private jets to get around during summer vacations.

Avoid controversy

When he arrived in London, Prince Harry was careful to avoid any controversy. Thus he was isolated for five days in the Frakmore cottage, His grandmother there I could see him from a distance. After several weeks of relationships, he reunited with Duke William of Sussex. Maybe they are Briefly exchanged In football, the two brothers should take the time to chat after the inauguration. A moment of arrest Archie’s father and Lilliput Diana, despite good humor when opening her mother’s statue.

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