Power plants above the clouds? China has an unprecedented plan

Power plants above the clouds?  China has an unprecedented plan

I have to wait

According to Lang, the project will begin with a pilot test in 2022 and is expected to start generating one megawatt of electricity in orbit by 2030. The station is expected to reach several gigawatts of design power by about 2050.

A total of more than 100 Changzhen 9 missiles and about 10,000 tons of infrastructure must be assembled in orbit for photovoltaic panels and a high-powered microwave transmission subsystem with an area of ​​more than one square kilometer. Writes Space News.

For the first time in PRC, solar power generation in orbit was added to the list of priority space missions in 2008. In 2019, the Chinese Academy of Space Technology began developing a construction test site to study wireless power transmission.

The design has changed

According to Lang’s presentation, the design of the designed Zhangjen 9 missile has changed drastically. A slide shows the previous design – 10 m high main level with 5 m side openings. A group of 16 new single-node engines, the YF-135 will now be used. The flying capacity of the Earth will increase from 140 tons to 150 tons and the transnational orbit from 50 tons to 53 tons. The two-level version will be used to go into Earth’s orbit, and the planes will require three levels for the Moon and beyond.

Photo Installing Vida Press / Solar Power Station

Photo Installing Vida Press / Solar Power Station

Mr. The designer illuminated another cargo rocket, the Zhang Zheng-5 TY, during delivery. This three-tier carrier will help witches go to the moon by 2030.

Most recently, he was president of the China Rocket Technology Research Institute Announced Terms of the first man’s journey to Mars. China promises to begin red planet colonization in 2033. Tychonats will begin building the first base on Mars, and the cargo supply between the planets will be coordinated. The deadline for the first five trips has also been set.

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