London: Six glamorous hotel lobbies in the British capital!

London: Six glamorous hotel lobbies in the British capital!


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Hall to Claridge. | Source: Claridge

Undoubtedly, these London hotels know how to welcome their guests in the most exotic atmosphere. Gold pillars, original chandeliers or glass roofs, Forbes Offers you a selection of some sleek hotel lobbies in the British capital.


Hall to Claridge. | Source: Claridge

“Claridge’s lobby is located in the center of the building, after our front door at the entrance, which is the first place to welcome our customers, taking them into a world of timeless glamor. The portrait hangs proudly in the lobby, watching the daily bustle of one of our most important and historic breaks. ” Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Claridge.

Address: Claridge, Brooke Street, Landress, W1K4HR

Bildmore Mayfair

Hall to Baltimore Mayfair. | Source: Baltimore Mayfair

“Coming to Crosvenir Square in the center of Mayfair sets the tone for the luxury experience waiting for you at the Bildmore Mayfair. Upon entering the lobby, guests are mesmerized by the beauty of our Rotunda and welcome a spectacular floral arrangement under a chandelier. The exquisite collection of works of art, including the leaf, adorns our reception area. Glass Cablets, Managing Director, The Bildmore Mayfair.

Address: Bildmore Mayfair, 44 Crosswener Square, Landress, W1K2hp.

The Katokan, a Belmont Hotel

Hall of Godcogan. | Source: Gadogan

“Built in 1887, Katogan is one of the most historic hotels in London. Former residents include Oscar Wilde, who was arrested in Room 118 (now the Royal Suite), and Lily Laundry, an actress and socialite. The hotel has been redesigned to celebrate its past and heritage while offering modern and minimalist luxuries while preserving and using timeline inspiration. The residential entrance on Bond Street is first the front door to Lily Laundry’s house. The entrance features original 130 year old wood panels and a mosaic base. The main lobby is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s outfits in natural light, with a neutral color palette (white, cream and gray) and touches of green velvet and red leather. Modern design details, such as sculptural lighting, bring the lobby into the XXIe Century, with bespoke works of art on the walls, mostly by British artists. Above the hand-carved reception counter, guests will be treated to an original work of art by Saidon Kazan depicting the history of Katogan. It is one of the hotel’s most notable works of art. Chelsea’s literary past also plays a role in the hotel’s design: a 600-pound bronze sculpture can be seen in the elevator lobby. The sculpture is designed to resemble the library of a prosperous home. Katogan is a “home away from home” for our customers, and we want them to enjoy it as customers step into the lobby. ” Xavier Lablot, Managing Director, The Catogan, a Belmont Hotel

Address: Katogan, 75 Sloane Street, Landress, SW1X 9SG

Brown’s Hotel

Hall to Brown’s Hotel. | Source: Forbes Travel Guide

“I wanted to convey the best English garden in a fun and playful way. Magnified wisteria, bright colors and strong shapes make spring a place in the UK and make the lobby more enjoyable and joyful. At the time the reception team had their own allotted area where they could attend privately for guests. ” Olga Police, Design Director, Rogo Forte Hotel

Address: Brown’s Hotel, 33 Alpamarle Street, Landress, W1S4bp

The Ritz London

Hall to Ritz London. | Source: Forbes Travel Guide

“The Ritz lobby (like a hotel) is designed in the style of Louis XVI, with a 24 carat gold leaf. Across the hotel’s ground floor, Caesar Ritz played with elegant lighting and glass. Above the reception, we proudly display our Royal Warrant issued by the Prince of Wales and his Royal Highness Prince Charles. The Royal Warrant was issued to the hotel in 2002 in recognition of its hospitality and catering services. ” Andrew Love, Director-General, The Ritz London

Address: The Ritz London, 150 Piccadilly, St. James, Landress, W1J9 PR

Hotel Cafe Royal

Hotel Cafe Royal Lobby. | Source: Hotel Cafe Royal

“I wanted to respect and convey London’s true ‘feel’ by combining contemporary life and urban taste with its inherent elegance and tradition.” Fioro Lisoni, founder of Lissoni Partners

Address: Hotel Cafe Royal, 10 Air Street, Landress, W1B4TY

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Felicity Carter

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