Larry Byrd is a true example of Wilt Chamberlain

NBA L'avis de Wilt sur Larry Legend

The icon of the orange ball, Larry Byrd will represent the entire generation of basketball players by his acting. Some spectators were indifferent to the Bostonian game, certainly not Wild Chamberlain. The famous front posted the monetary opinion on n கரு 33 24 years ago.

Although he was hanged nearly 30 years ago, Larry Byrd is still considered by many to be one of the best players. He was an incredible pioneer of the catastrophe, leaving his identity in the league of Celtics legends in the 1980s, including his rivalry with Magic Johnson. A generational player we see very rarely.

So, it’s not surprising that Larry Legend has welcomed everyone since retirement, especially in the years to come. Among these tributes, especially Wild Chamberlain’s tribute since 1997. As a guest on the Howard Stern show, Hall of Famer specifically denied the claim that Larry would have achieved a higher status because of his skin color.

Didn’t they somehow glorify Larry Bird because he was a white man?

Wilt : “Well, I think it might be like that in the minds of many, but this man is also very talented. I think he considers what a winger should do, especially if he is technically fair in the game he plays. He was a basketball player, he played fairly, most people today don’t play the game properly, but he did.

Coming from Chamberlain who gave some compliments to the other players (we also hear him remove David Robinson during the show), it was a sacred declaration of love. I have to say that the bird actually had all the qualities mentioned in The Stilt, which allowed him to become one of the greatest basketball players in history.

One year after Wilt’s interview, he was inducted into the NBA in 1998 by being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Even today, it is used as a benchmark for NBA athletes who are considered everywhere. Proof that his playing style is memorable, it should not change at any time.

The shower of glory with Wild Chamberlain did not happen clearly every day, And the lucky ones may consider it a blessing. One more proof of the authenticity of the proverb that “real people recognize the truth”.

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