Johnson & Johnson: An effective vaccine against delta variation

Johnson & Johnson: An effective vaccine against delta variation

(ats) The U.S. pharmaceutical team neutralized the delta variation of antibodies and their immune system cells, according to a study of a small number of eight people who were vaccinated by it.

A second study involving 20 vaccinated patients from Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston found similar results.

Data from these studies have been sent to the biroxive “pre-publication” site, where scientists can submit their work before publishing it in a scientific journal.

“We hope our vaccine provides long-term protection against Covid 19 and helps neutralize delta diversity,” said Paul Stoffels, science director at Johnson & Johnson, quoting a statement released Thursday evening.

“Data from more than eight months of research so far have shown that a single-dose vaccine” developed by the laboratory reduces a strong neutralizing antibody response, which does not diminish, and we notice even an improvement over time, “said research head Matthew Mummen. And development at Johnson & Johnson.

The World Health Organization on Thursday warned of a new wave of infections posed by delta variation in Europe, as the number of cases increases at a “dangerous rate” in Africa as it embarks on its health journey in hopes of renewing tourism.

Not out of Asia: Bangladesh has been under control since Thursday and as pollution continues to rise sharply, restrictions will be announced in Indonesia on Saturday.

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