Happy Engineer’s Day Greetings !, 6 phrases to celebrate

Happy Engineer's Day Greetings !, 6 phrases to celebrate

Mexico City

If you Engineer Congratulations! Today is your day.

If you did not know, today is July 1, Mexico’s Engineer’s Day

According to the Mexican government’s website, the celebration arose on October 20, 1973, when the then Secretary of Communications and Transport, Eugenio Mendes Toguro, proposed to President Luis Echeverria Alvarez on July 1 to be installed as a national engineer. Day.

It was proposed to be July 1, because, on this date, but in 1776, the Royal Certificate was issued to establish the Royal Mining Court in Mexico, which laid the foundation for the Teaching and Research Center known as the Real Mining Symposium. , The first research projects and texts for the first engineering schools in the United States took place.

We can confirm that this is the engineering and technology that has allowed the progress of human society “, is the famous phrase of Carlos Slim Heli.

Here are 6 phrases to celebrate such an important career:

  1. The word engineer is derived from ingenuity. There is its essence: the spirit of search and creation.
  2. Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  3. Engineers like to solve problems, if there are no problems at hand, they will create their own problems – Scott Adams
  4. One believer would say the glass is half full, a pessimist would say it is half empty, but an engineer would say the glass is too big – Scott Edward Shefde
  5. An engineer is a machine for converting coffee into projects.
  6. Scientists study the world as it is, and engineers create a world that never existed.

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