Watch how thousands of fire ants survive as “conveyor belts” escape the flood (video)

Watch how thousands of fire ants survive as "conveyor belts" escape the flood (video)

It takes a lot of teamwork to escape the flood and thousands of firefighters have to work together to build boats until the water recedes. The timeless video now shows how this brilliant insect on these rafts makes direct conveyor belts to help riders reach dry land.

These scenes show how Ant Raft with a small area changed its shape Ants The ant moves like a boat for a few hours from the main part of the tent. These bridges are formed from the combined action of two groups of ants: so-called structural ants – an insect that floats the colony – rotating from the bottom to the top of the pile, and the surface ants move freely upwards. Then they moved on. To support positions under their friends and relatives.

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