The statue of Princess Diana was unveiled in London

The statue of Princess Diana was unveiled in London

A few yards from Kensington Palace, Chungan Garden is a lush and elegant sanctuary separated by tall hedges from the hustle and bustle of Hyde Park. Inside this quiet enclosure, rows of sweet-scented roses surround a small pond. Diana’s favorite garden, chosen by her sons to host their mother’s statue, will be unveiled today at a private ceremony, in the presence of William and some members of the Harry and Spencer family.

Lynn Dee, a fan of Lady Dee who came to take pictures of the garden, is delighted: “This is a beautiful and special place because she used to come here often, and now her grandchildren live next door,” he pointed out. Kensington Palace. But her heart was heavy: “It will be a beautiful moment, but one that will sink into sadness, especially for William and Harry.” She was so young, her sons grew up without a mother, ”she sighed:“ This statue is important because Diana is the queen of our hearts. She has done a lot for our country and the world. ”

Claire and Belinda share this opinion with two friends and unconditional fans of the Princess who came to meditate in front of the Sun Garden. “Diana made the monarchy very modern. He went to the movies with his children, visited the homeless, he did things his own way, and thanks to him the young members of the royal family are free today, ”Belinda said.

Reconciliation to William and Harry

According to British newspapers, Prince William and Harry, who commissioned the statue in 2017, were involved in every detail of its design, even advising the sculptor on the shape of Diana’s nose. At work, the famous British sculptor Ian Rank Bradley painted a portrait of Queen Elizabeth on coins in circulation in England and the Commonwealth.

The two brothers, Claire and Belinda, are happy to be reunited for the occasion and long for a moment of reconciliation. “She will be very upset to see her sons fall and I hope they can put their differences behind them,” Clary says. The two friends will follow the ceremony on TV. Following its opening ceremony, the statue will be open to the public from Friday.

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