The new Apple Store opens at the historic LA Cinema

8 and past the doors of the historic cinema located on the corner of Broadway, immediately struck by the magnificent aspect of the place. In 1927, the architect of the famous cinemas S. Built by Charles Lee, it was one of the first theaters in Los Angeles. Closed in 1988, the vacant and unused space has not been renovated since. It was in this baroque style steeped in history that the group decided to set up its new boutique. Inspired by the Garnier Opera House at the time, its hall is adorned with a memorial circular arched staircase with bronze banisters and surrounded by Corinthian marble columns. At the back of the store, we see a feature video wall in the middle of the hall located under the arch of the arena – now condemned – especially refurbished for the occasion and surrounded by its original balconies. The major restoration also includes the original stained glass window, the centerpiece of which is a rolled-up image strip, as well as a painting depicting the blue sky surrounded by clouds overlooking the forum.

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The restored stained glass window features a distinctive floor-de-lis motif rolled celluloid film strip and purple stripe found only in early sound films.

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