Slovakia sputnik shares out, nobody wants it, expiration is approaching

Slovakia sputnik shares out, nobody wants it, expiration is approaching

The vaccine, which has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), is of low interest in Slovakia. 16,000 people in the country registered to be vaccinated. According to the data Health Analysis Institute (IZA), 8108 people are still waiting for the first dose of vaccine in the country. 7573 people were registered for the second dose.

People aged 45 to 49 are particularly interested in the Sputnik vaccine. The 80- to 84-year-olds have the lowest expectations. In terms of regions, the Russian vaccine enjoys the largest support in the Bratislava region, with the lowest number recorded from the Kozhi region.

Due to the very low interest of the population and the expiration date of the vaccine approaching, Slovakia has decided to donate or sell 160,000 doses of Spotnik V, which is enough to vaccinate 80,000 people. Otherwise, the benefits expire at the end of the month.

Slovakia is already approached by many countries. These are mainly in the western Balkans, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro or northern Macedonia. Argentina also wants to get Russian vaccine from Slovakia.

In the vaccine against Kovit-19, Slovakia still lags behind the EU countries. President Jusana Sabutova and other government officials have repeatedly called on residents to get vaccinated. Slovakia insisted that only about 36 percent of the population received at least the first level in the country, so Slovakia Viceroyalty is worse than the other four countries.

Former Slovak Prime Minister Igor Madovich was behind the purchase of Spotnik V. Vaccine exports to Slovakia in early March caused a government crisis and changed the Prime Minister, who refused to allow him to be vaccinated with Sputnik.

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