Hyzon va livrer une flotte d'autocars à hydrogène en Australie

Hyson to deliver fleet of hydrogen trainers to Australia

Hyson Motors 10 is to deliver Hydrogen bus To Fortesque Metals Group, an Australian mining group. Experiments conducted at Bush have proved conclusive. Despite the summer temperature of about 45 C, the test vehicle was able to consistently reach 800 kilometers of autonomy.

« Bilbara area Is one of Australia’s toughest mining areas. Our trainers are able to tackle rough terrain, and hydrogen technology can transform even the most difficult parts of the world into an alternative to the traditional business movement. “Hyson’s CEO Craig Knight is pleased to announce the company’s usable capability, especially ahead of the company’s IPO in the United States. His bus In extreme conditions.

In fact, tests carried out on behalf of the Fortesque Metals Group in the desert mining landscape of Western Australia helped to prove that its vehicles Fuel cell Reaches the 800 km range. Successfully completed a full-scale test (over 15,000 km) that led Fortesque Metals Group to order 10 Hysen trainers to the Christmas Creek Mining Center.

Aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030, the Australian company, which plans to gradually decorbonize its operation, will replace diesel vehicles aimed at transporting its employees to remote mining sites. Thus Hysen gets its future global showcase, which will soon enable it to deliver the world’s first hydrogen buses.

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