Angle joins cast of Space Jam 2!

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, ici sous le maillot de la Tune Squad, vient d'accueillir la chanteuse belge Angèle dans le casting de Space Jam : A New Legacy

Expectations surrounding Space Jam: A new legacy is only growing in weeks, with a French theatrical release scheduled for July 21st. The general public of Hexagon will also be surprised to be there… Belgian Singer Angle!

The long-awaited second opus in the realm of fantasy, decades long, is finally about to be revealed to the public. 24 years after the release of the famous space jam Michael Jordan, Countless fans of the animated film will finally be entitled to the second part, but not to a sequel.

Anyway, this is what has been hammering for months LeBron James, The heir of his Ernest and the main character of the new blockbuster. So as not to disappoint high expectations, King surrounded himself with a high-level production team, as well as comedians filled with names familiar to the general public.

With the exception of his NBA colleagues, Damien Lillard, Clay Thompson or Lockers leader Anthony Davis, for example, he surrounded himself with Don Seidel or Gentia. The latter will provide the voice of Lola Bunny, who will also be entitled to a beautiful French transcription because Angle will take care of doubling it!

The Belgian singer, who has already been rewarded many times in her life, no longer needs a presentation. With a string of successes, he is being exported internationally via a duet with Dua Liba, so he will try his hand at the dub role for the second time. His previous experience as KP KP in Toy Story 4 should help him in his mission.

That being said, the rest of the French voice actors are not yet known. The alleged LeBron cause will undoubtedly be explored by the NBA’s French-speaking audience. This is a good reason to go to the theaters in the next few days and find a popular movie with family or friends.

Therefore, Angela Lola will borrow Bunny’s features in Space Jam: A New Legacy. A good tip to bring to your friends in the middle of a viewing session.

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